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About Veteran Coffee Roasters

Our Mission: To support veterans in need by producing superior coffee.

 Veteran Coffee Roasters was established by Robert Mastin, a Vietnam veteran who served as a surface warfare officer on the USS Joseph Hewes (FF-1078) in the Tonkin Gulf in 1972. The Joey supported Marine Corps units ashore with naval gunfire support (NGFS) and was considered a “Top Gun” by the Marines for its targeting accuracy. Bob was the Combat Information Officer (CICO) during this deployment.

The Veteran Coffee Roasters brand was created in 2014 specifically to benefit veterans, with one dollar for every pound sold going to veterans through various support organizations. We hope to make a meaningful contribution to worthy causes and the veterans they support. The original brand created by Robert Mastin in 2001 was Custom House Coffee, a well-known regional brand that has earned many awards over the years for superior quality. The same award-winning beans go into the VCR blends.

The Veteran Coffee Roasters brand coffee is sold wholesale to qualified retailers, cafes, veteran’s organizations and military units. The purpose is to allow veteran and military organizations to use the coffee as a fund raising tool in support of their own organization or any other cause they want to support, from the local food pantry to another worthy veteran cause like the USO. The organization buys the coffee wholesale and resells it retail, with the difference going to its chosen cause. Two worthy causes are supported, while the ultimate coffee drinkers get really good quality coffee. Everyone wins.

The same standards that have earned Custom House Coffee so many awards for superior quality are followed for the Veteran Coffee Roasters blends. Only the finest specialty-grade, high-grown arabica beans are roasted daily in small batches to keep the beans as fresh as possible. We have made a real commitment to offering the best, most flavorful coffee you can buy anywhere. The coffee is roasted daily on two U.S. made, state-of-the-art Diedrich roasters by roastmaster Mastin and a roasting crew with over 35 years combined experience