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Private Label Coffee

Do you want to create your own brand?

What better way to reinforce and strengthen your brand than to serve your own brand of coffee. You have already made a huge commitment in creating your unique brand. Why not take it a step further with the coffee itself?

This will open up opportunities to aggressively sell retail bags of coffee in your store. This will draw from a wider pool of customers because retail bean buyers will go out of their way once a week to pick up quality coffee. In our Middletown store we sell more than 150 pounds of beans a week. Do the math: it adds substantially to our sales revenue.

We are happy to work with you in developing your own unique branded coffee. Why get into the roasting business when we can do all the work for you? Your supply of roasted beans is secure because we have two state-of-the-art Diedrich roasters to keep up with the volume.

We will help you create unique blends and roast profiles to suit your needs and your customers’ preferences. If your volume is sufficient, we will source unique green beans specifically for you and roast them to your specifications.

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