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5578 Shots of Espresso Served During Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover

Middletown, R.I – The Volvo Ocean Race organizers really wanted good espresso at the recent Newport stopover, so Russell Morin Catering, tasked with feeding all the people involved in the event, including the public, turned to Custom House Coffee.

Custom House Coffee owner Bob Mastin rushed to get an espresso cart fabricated in Texas, capable of powering a 220-volt, 2-group espresso machine and espresso grinder, plus other equipment including a coffee brewer and cash register. It was important to make sure the cart could keep up with the anticipated volume.

The baristas operating the cart were from Russell Morin’s staff and one lead barista, Jessie James, was on loan from Custom House Coffee. Mastin trained four of Russell Morin’s staff at his espresso training center in Middletown just before the event started.

The cart was located in the Sailor’s Terrace, a public café in the middle of the action. It was later moved to the VIP “tent,” more a building, for the final weekend. The number of people visiting Fort Adams on most days exceeded ten thousand, so the cart was kept very busy. “Saturday in Sailor’s Terrace was amazing!” says lead barista Jessie James, who was tasked with handling the cart during the busiest periods. “There was a line of 30 people deep for most of the day. I got to make drinks for people from all over the world and the response was incredible!”

Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad visited the cart at least twice a day, telling barista Jessie James that he really looked forward to his latte every morning. The many Europeans who visited the cart were delighted with their espresso drinks and frequently complimented the baristas, who were all justifiably proud of the quality drinks they produced.

During the 12-day event a total of 86 pounds of Custom House Coffee’s Milano Blend was used on the cart. At 7 grams of ground espresso per shot that translates to 5,578 shots of espresso!

The new Custom House Coffee espresso cart is now available for special events. It has already proven that it can handle huge crowds, as long as there’s a good barista like Jessie James pulling the shots.

Custom House Coffee is located at 796 Aquidneck Avenue in Middletown


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