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Fully equipped espresso cart is available for special events and functions such as weddings, concerts, sporting events, meetings and celebrations.

Volvo Ocean Race Sailor’s Terrace, Ft. Adams, Newport, 2015

EspressoCartCart Specifications:
(provided by Custom House Coffee)

  1. 5' long, 30" deep, on wheels, with chalk menu board facing customers.
  2. Comes with 2-group, 220 volt FAEMA espresso machine capable of high volume operation, and Mazzer espresso grinder.
  3. Flo-Jet water pump if potable water supply unavailable, or water connection (3/4") and built-in water filtration.
  4. Electric outlets: 1, 220v for espresso machine (or coffee brewer); 2, 110v for espresso grinder, water pump, or coffee brewer.
  5. Equipment/tools: steaming pitchers, tamper, water waste buckets, and necessary tools to operate the cart.
  6. Supplies: Milano Blend whole bean coffee (up to 5lbs, $15/lb thereafter).
  7. Trained barista capable of high-volume operations.
  8. This cart was used during the Volvo Ocean Race at Ft. Adams, and we served more than 5500 shots of espresso during a 10 day period, with a line 30 people deep all day long on weekends. It can handle the highest volume!

 Site requirements (provided by customer):

  1. Power: 220 volt, 50 amp. Power supply, and potable water supply or 5-gallon jugs of spring water.
  2. Shelter (tent or inside building).
  3. Cold milk for lattes and cappuccinos and required refrigeration.
  4. Place and personnel to empty waste buckets (from built-in rinse sink: water, milk residue, coffee grinds).
  5. Cups, sweeteners, stirrers, napkins, trash receptacles, etc.


  1. Cart only, no staffing: $500 per day (Baristas must be trained by and meet standards set by Custom House Coffee).
  2. Cart & Barista: $1000 per event, for up to 6 hours, $50/hour thereafter.
  3. Delivery, setup & pickup: $200

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