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Custom House Coffee Catering

Attention caterers: Let us do the coffee for you so you can concentrate on what you do best!

(download the flyer here)

What We Offer:

  1. Award-winning fresh-roasted premium grade coffee by local artisan roasters. If your event requires only the best, this is where to get it. Hot or iced coffee. Tea available on request.
  2. Fresh baked breakfast pastries.
  3. Espresso Cart (Click Here to Read More)


  1. Volume. We have 25 5-gallon thermal servers (Cambro & Carlisle brands) that serve up to 50 12-oz cups (100 6-oz cups) each, total 1250 12-oz cups or 2500 6-oz cups. We have 5 large high-volume twin Bunn BrewWise brewers that brew directly into the 5-gallon servers, and we time the brewing as close to the event as possible to keep the coffee hot. The coffee will stay hot in the servers for 3 to 4 hours.
  2. Fixings. We can provide all the fixings with the coffee, including:
    1. 12 oz. insulated cups and lids. (Cups are paper wrapped styrofoam with our logo. We can provide paper cups in other sizes with imprinted sleeves on request.)
    2. 16 oz. clear plastic cups for iced coffee, plus lids and straws
    3. Basket(s) of assorted sweeteners (in packets) and stir sticks
    4. Light cream and/or milk in pump pots
    5. Tea. Available on request. For hot tea, an assortment of premium Mighty Leaf teas in tea bags with hot water in the 5-gallon server. For iced tea, choice of either black or green tea in the 5-gallon servers. The same price per 5-gallon server for hot tea, iced tea, or coffee.

Provided by customer or lead caterer:

  1. Sturdy tables for servers
  2. Staff to serve coffee & pastries and to maintain coffee station, as required
  3. Refrigeration for milk & cream
  4. Ice, ice chest and scoop, if iced coffee or tea is to be served
  5. Trash receptacles (small one on table is helpful for all the sweetener packets and stir sticks).
  6. Plates, silverware, napkins


  1. 5-Gallon server (each): $58 (no fixings) $73 with all fixings (see above)
  2. Pastries (muffins, scones, Danish): $1.75 each
  3. Delivery and pickup to event location: $5 each delivery and pickup for each 5-gallon server, minimum $25 per trip (for smaller events staffed by volunteers our customers often pick up and return the servers and other items).
Click here to contact Bob for more information of to book for your next event

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