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Fund Raising Advantages & Corporate Gifts

Custom House Coffee supports dozens of area charities, schools, and food pantries in numerous ways, from donating gift baskets for silent auctions to crafting a special blend of coffee for a fund raising drive.

A. Gift Baskets. We are happy to donate a gift basket for any worthy cause. If you’re planning a silent auction or need a door prize for your next event, stop by the Middletown location and ask for Liz Mastin.

B. Fund Raising Drive. Instead of selling cookies or some other waist-enhancing goodie, why not offer gourmet coffee? We will give the fund raising organization a special discount so you can raise lots of money selling premium coffee–something everyone will want! Your supporters will thank you for offering something so good that doesn’t add pounds. We will give you sign-up sheets and ideas for custom blends that will suit the occasion. Contact Bob Mastin for more details

C. In-Store Fund Raiser. We will work with your charity to host an all-day fund raising event in one of our stores where a percentage of all coffee bean sales will be donated to your organization. This is a great way to introduce your supporters to our stores while giving them something of real value for their contribution. Everyone wins. We can turn this into a well-publicized media event to attract as many supporters as possible, and welcome the help of your volunteers to help bag and sell coffee in the store. A fun event for everyone involved.

D. Corporate Gifts. What better way to show your appreciation than premium coffee? Most people enjoy coffee, or someone in the family does, and this is a unique gift idea that has not been overdone. We can help you craft a special blend for the occasion and private label the bags. Special wholesale discounts are available to make this an affordable option.

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